Ban Guns, It’s for the Children

And this is two posts in a row for reasons I hate the United Nations…

This time it’s a document telling you how to raise your children. I want to bring up the section entitled “Access to Guns.” The first major bullet point flat out says governments should ban all handguns for civilian use (just like Britain did).

Here is a nice bullet point list under the title “How can government prevent unsupervised youth access to guns?”

• Explore enacting bans on all handguns to civilians or certain cheap
models that are attractive to youth.
• Consider the establishment of effective means of marking and
tracing firearms.
• Establish consumer product requirements so that guns are equipped
with safety features such as trigger locks. These features could
make guns more difficult for youth to fire, and technology may soon
allow guns to be “personalized” so that only authorized owners may
fire them.
• Strengthen government licensing procedures to ensure that the
firearms industry operates within a legitimate framework and only has
relationships with legitimate law-abiding dealers.
• Develop a system where buyers undergo background checks and
obtain a safety license before the purchase of a firearm.
• Call for restrictions on the number of guns that can be purchased in a
one-month or one-year period.

So remember we need more gun control because it’s for the children.