Apparently the American Flag is Offensive?

I’m going to try to control the storm off foul language that’s currently running through my head…

So for Memorial Day Debbie McLucas puts up an American flag in her office (located at Kindred Healthcare). This is a pretty common thing to do in America, which is where she is. But her boss (shit head) and a supervisor (douche bag) found the flag offensive. They both told her she needed to take it down.

Well apparently she didn’t (good on you Debbie) and Mr. Bag did it for her. She came into her office to find the flag on the floor (completely against flag protocol).

Well eventually Kindred Healthcare posted a statement on their website (no link was given by the news article so I can’t reference it here, sorry) which stated the following…

“The disagreement was over the size of the flag and not what it symbolized. We have invited the employee to put the flag back up.”

So the flag was three foot by five foot at that’s too big? Hmm… I know my company has a full sized flag hanging on a flag pole right outside of our office. I know this not just because I walk by it every day but also because we replaced the flag on Memorial Day. We also gave the old flag to the local VFW for proper disposal.

Anyways being two people said the flag was “offensive” I don’t think the take down had anything to do with size. This is standard company speak for “We fucked up and don’t want to accept blame for it.”

What the Hell has a country come to when you can’t even display that country’s flag?

Here is the contact information for the company…

Kindred Healthcare
Corporate Headquarters
680 South Fourth Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202