It’s the Gun Store’s Fault

No story to link to on this one. This post is more or less going to be a rant about one of the dumbest ideas ever, blaming the gun dealer for a criminal’s activities.

I don’t remember where I saw this but a group of people were outside of a gun store protesting because a criminal (who wasn’t one at the time of purchasing his gun) obtained his firearm from the store. The protesters were trying to blame the store owner for selling the man the gun even though the man passes a background check (and of course anti-gunners love the idea of background checks).

Now maybe I’m dense enough to have my own event horizon but I don’t understand how you can blame a gun dealer for the actions of one of their customers.

Let’s compare this to the automotive industry. There is a massive number of D.W.I. fine written out every year. This is because people are stupid enough to drink booze then attempt to drive.

If we follow the earlier mentioned protesters’ logic we should be blaming the automotive dealers every time a drunk driver kills somebody in an accident. Just like the gun dealer the automotive dealers are simply selling a product to another person. They don’t know what the buyer is going to do with the car they sell them. For all the dealer knows the buyer could be planning to use their newly purchased car to attempt to kill the Dutch Queen (Google it).

Hell we might as well just go all out. We may as well blame Target for selling a kitchen knife if it’s used in a stabbing. Why not blame Best Buy when somebody uses a computer purchased there to write a computer virus?

The reason we don’t blame the automotive industry, Target, or Best Buy for any of the mentioned actions is because most of us are smart enough to realize they didn’t have a hand in any of those actions. They simply sold a consumer a product. But according to some people this concept is no longer relevant when a gun is involved. What the Hell makes gun dealers responsible for doing the exact same thing GM (oh wait they aren’t selling cars) Ford (who aren’t selling many) does?

This lack of logic is what I hate about the anti-gun movement. Every argument they made can be stricken down by actual facts and the light use of logic. Their arguments are based entirely on emotions. Generally that emotion is a fear of guns. But as with most emotion driven arguments logic isn’t the basis. In fact logic is strictly ignored for if it were used the argument would not be viable.