Greenpeace Being Morons Again

Man I hate these guys…

So the road to blame all meat eating people for the world’s problems is being further paved. Now us omnivores and carnivores are being blamed for the destruction of the rain forest.

The sum of it is since we eat meat and potentially use leather products we make a demand for cattle. The demand for cattle requires Brazilian farmers to burn down more rain forest to create more pasture. I have a better idea, maybe we should blame those farmers burning down rain forest to create pasture land.

I’m getting damned sick and tired of this attitude of people who eat meat are villainous. This is like the letter to the editor some lady sent into to The Red Star (I mean the Star Tribune) saying people who eat meat are immoral because they support the killing of animals. Well I have news for all you meat haters, animals have been killing each other for sustenance well before we came around. Instead of taking the moral high ground why don’t you just eat your non-animal products and be happy and quiet about it.