Gun Documentation

I just finished up doing a project that’s been on the back burner for far too long, gun documentation.

Gun documentation is simple, you document all the guns you have. I know that a lot of people scream that this is a bad idea and only facilitates helping the ATF when they come to steal your guns. That’s why you keep this documentation private.

Why would you want to do this? Simple so you have proof of the firearms you own. Should the worst happen and your guns get stolen you can provide the documentation for the stolen guns to the police. This is so they know what they are looking for. It also allows them to report the guns to any gun stores or pawn shops so they know if somebody tries to sell them the gun they can report the person. This is actually a good idea to do with an expensive property which you lack a deed for.

The documentation is pretty simple. For the basics you really only need the following…

  • Photographs of each side of the gun
  • Photograph of the serial number

That’s it really. Now you can just write down the serial number if your camera isn’t capable of getting the serial number. I prefer a photograph because of two reasons. First you won’t run the possibility of incorrectly recording it. Second it shows the serial number of the gun you photographed which proves the gun was in your possession at some point in time.

Make sure you keep a copy of this information offsite as well. Of course that rule applies to all documentation information.