Damned Integrated Batteries

So Apple announced their new laptops. The plus side is they did a massive price drop, the down side is all the unibody MacBooks have an integrated battery. This means you can easily swap out a dead battery and replace it with a charged one nor replaced a worn out battery without taking apart the entire machine.

All this simple because Steve Jobs hates seems. Seriously the iPods, the iPhones, and now their laptops all have non-removable batteries.

There is no downside to batteries that are easily replaceable. And batteries do wear out. Now most people will have to take their laptop to an Apple store to get the battery replaced instead of being able to easily do it themselves. Thankfully ifixit.com has posted a nice picture filled page covering how to disassemble the unibody MacBook Pros with integrated batteries…


I’m doubting this is a deal breaker for myself but bloody Hell is irritates me.