Brady Bunch Exploiting Holocaust Museum Shooting

As we all knew they would…

Yes it’s a Google cache because I won’t link to those assholes on my site. Anyhow they are already using the tragedy at the Holocaust Museum to beat on the anti-gun war drum. From the ass’s mouth…

“The Brady Campaign extends sympathies to the innocent victims and others affected in today’s shooting at the Holocaust Museum. This shows that having even more guns in more places is the wrong answer to America’s gun violence problem.

Remember that the shooter was a prohibited person so by the very gun laws that the Brady Bunch claim don’t exist the racist prick couldn’t legally own a gun. Gun control works huh? On top of that the officer was able to shoot the gunman before anymore people were injured or killed. I’d say it’s a great case where more guns ended up being better.

Another quote from the ignorant…

Congress should think very hard about their responsibilities for public safety before weakening gun laws in our nation’s capital, and should re-think their decision to allow more guns in our national public areas. It is dangerous to force more guns into places that American families expect to be gun-free and safe.

Funny nobody is forcing guns into any place. Those of us that believe in personal protection and the right of self defense want the legal OPTION to carry a gun on our person. We aren’t trying to force anybody to carry a gun.

Also gun-free and safe in the same sentence is the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard.