How to Stop Piracy, Russian Style

Those crazy Russians sure come up with some very practical and easy to enact ideas for apparently complex problems. Via Joe Huffman’s blog I found a great article showing how some Russian companies are helping deal with piracy in Somalia…

For £3,500 a day people can get on board one of these luxury liners. What do they do? Cruise around the African coast line and hope some pirates attack. Upon attacking the pirates are met with grenades, rockets, and machine gun fire dealt out by the on board special forces members. For a mere £5 a day people on the cruise can rent an AK-47 and buy ammunition for £7 per 100 rounds.

Of course some people don’t approve such as Vladimir Mironov who states the following…

They are worse than the pirates. At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder.

Personally after the Somali pirates threatened to start slaughtering any Americans they find after we kicked their asses I’m none to concerned about the lives of these pirates. I’m sure they would (maybe already did) have made the same threat to the French but their special forces people made sure no feeling were hurt by killing one of their own citizens.

Anyhow I’m sure these cruise liners will be shutdown and taken out by other nations’ navies because the only people who should be able to bait and kill pirates are the government.