Why I Read the BBC

Even though it’s an Oceania controller news organization they at least do a better job at fully covering a story than most of the media over here does. Take their article on the passing of Tennessee’s law allowing the carry of a firearm in places that serve alcohol…


Most publications here leave out an important piece when they talk about this law…

State legislators – a quarter of whom own firearms – have passed a law allowing guns into bars and restaurants, but preventing their owners from buying alcohol.

Yes even a news organization controlled by an anti-gun state brings up the fact that even though permit holders will be allowed to carry in places that serve alcohol they won’t be allowed to purchase alcohol. That tidbit of knowledge seems to be missing from everybody including the New York Times and the Washington Post.

I also feel that this article does a good job at covering both sides of the issue (that would be the right side and the wrong side for those of you thinking I was being unbias for a second).