Why You Don’t Rely on Competitor Products

One of Palm’s biggest advertised features of it’s new Pre phone was the ability to synchronize with Apple’s iTunes. The problem is the Pre directly competes with the iPhone so Palm was depending on their competitor’s product to claim a feature. Well Apple just released an update to squash the Pre’s ability to sync with iTunes…


I like Palm and many of their products but when they claimed the Pre synced with iTunes I knew it was not only a stupid thing to waste time accomplishing but also something that wouldn’t last long. Many people in the technology industry are now wondering if Palm will sue Apple based on anti-competitive practices. In my opinion iTunes is Apple’s property and they should be able to do whatever they damned well please with it.

The bottom line is Palm seriously fucked up when they depended on somebody who is in direct competition with them. This would be akin to America depending on the Middle East for oil, oh wait.