Even in Press Releases About a Victory the Anti-Gunners Lie

Seriously it’s bad enough to lie when you are trying to stop something but lying in a press release declaring a win is a whole different ball game…


Yes I’m not linking to the actual press release since I refuse to give those pricks any traffic. But the entire thing is posted on Another Gun Guy. Here is the blatant lie…

The amendment would have also undermined state assault weapons bans because it would have allowed permit holders to carry concealed assault weapons into the seven states that currently ban these guns.

This isn’t true at all. The amendment would have allowed people with carry permits to carry their gun in other states that allow carry permits as long as they obeyed the laws of the state they were in. That means if a state has a ban on “assault weapons” you couldn’t bring your AR-15 into the state. Not to mention most guns the Brady Bunch call “assault weapons” are rather large to be considered handguns. I’m just saying many states allow the carry of a handgun not a long gun.

Oh wait there is a bonus lie…

Concealed carry permit holders have already killed police officers, murdered innocent citizens, and committed mass shootings.

This is from they “study” they did. Study is quoted since I don’t believe a Google search constitutes a study. Either way I’d like to see the story of the permit holder who committed the mass shooting. That’s a new one.

How can anybody trust an organization that lies even when they are touting a win?

Source: http://www.snowflakesinhell.com/2009/07/22/statements-from-antis/