Irony Defined, Knife Crime Up During Anti-Knife Campaign

Since Britain has all but banned guns they are now targeting the next evil weapon criminals use, knifes…

They have run into a problem though. Knife crime is actually going up in areas they are targeting with their anti-knife campaign. This implies that telling criminals not to do something doesn’t prevent them from doing it. Who would have guessed that?

I wonder what will happen next. I’m betting some kind of ban on all knifes that can’t be used for sporting or cooking purposes. Eventually there will be a requirement to register all kitchen knives with the government and licenses will be required to own them. After that a total ban on all knives will occur. Afterwards they will go after blunt instruments. This will lead to law abiding citizens having no objects as most things can be used as a weapon while the criminals will still have guns, knives, and blunt instruments.