Interesting .45 Auto Carbine

OK I’m a huge fan of the .45 automatic cartridge. Both of my primary carry guns are .45 and I have a Beretta CX4 in .45 auto plus a Tommy Gun. It’s a good cartridge in my opinion but finding a good carbine hasn’t been easy. Well in my tireless quest for a good .45 auto carbine I came across the Kriss Super V…

Now my Tommy Gun is cool but far too heavy for practical defense and the CX4 only has 8 round magazines with larger ones looking to never appear. The Kriss Super V seems to solve both those problems by being light weight and has extended magazines.

The main problem is it’s expensive. In fact it’s far more expensive than anything I’m willing to pay for a .45 carbine at the moment. The only real advantage of a .45 carbine is it would use a common ammo supply with my pistols. On the other hand an M14 is very well suited at stopping bad guys so I think I’ll continue using it.