Format Change

Until now I’ve always made my posts by proving all links with the raw link. The idea here was simple, allow the user to know where they were going before they went there and no make them have to look at the status bar. Well it seems other people weren’t in agreement and I’ve told several times that not only is it unsightly but also makes posts harder to read. But it was this little tidbit which I should have thought of before that has made me decide to change things.

Although I posting the actual URL as the text for the link there is no way a person can be guaranteed that what I’m posting as the text is in fact the same as the URL without looking at their status bar. Of course I assumed people would trust me but being an unknown entity behind a computer I shouldn’t expect people to trust what I post. I strongly believe in trust no one (TNO) security, which means you simply trust nobody with your security, period.

Hence links will now be posted as they appear on most sites and a component of the story text. Furthermore I’m going to added references for further information to stories that I feel warrant further research by the reader.