Trust No One Especially Baggage Checkers at Airports

I just say this post on Says Uncle. As we all know if you fly with guns you have to put them in checked luggage. This in essence is meant to prevent somebody from coming aboard with a gun and either hijacking the plan or shooting it up. The checked baggage is checked by humans whom are supposed to be airport employees whom you can trust.

Well once again live shows a wrench in the best laid plans as three baggage handlers have been arrested for theft. They were busted as a result of a string operation which was set in place when a retired police officer’s gun was stolen after being checked in at the airport.

This should present a couple major ideas. First and foremost never use those TSA approved locks. These locks for those who do not know are ones which can be opened by any TSA officer should they need to look at an item contained in the locked case. These locks are flimsy and not secure to begin with but knowing anybody with a specific key can open your luggage should worry you. If you don’t have a TSA approved key you will be called to the desk to open the locked container should they need to look at it. This is ideal since you’ll be there to open the case and stand there while they look at it. This means you see everything from the case being opened to the case being closed again so nothing should go missing.

The second thing to note is you should have a plan should your container be stolen. If you have a good case with a good lock it will take the thief some time to open it, in fact they probably won’t get to it before the end of the day when they can get the case home. This means you should be able to put a tracking device inside of the case and it probably won’t be taken out until the thief gets the case back home. The linked tracking device has an option to send SMS texts to you based on outlined criteria. This means you could setup criteria that once the case leaves the airport you get an SMS with it’s location and get periodic updates from then on. This would allow you to track the case and you will know if it’s heading in the right direction. Further should the case be stolen you can tell the police where it went and where is potentially is. Of course the device I linked to is pricey but if you have one or two custom guns in there isn’t not really that expensive considering the cost of losing the guns.