But I Thought Police Were the Only Ones Responsible Enough to Carry Guns

I came across an interesting article on Says Uncle today. It occurs in New York city where guns are strictly controller and getting a license to carry one is even more difficult than buying a gun. The police are the only ones considered responsible enough to carry a gun on their person in the Big Asshole Apple.

One of these responsible and upstanding police officers, Trevor Harpaul, was trying to enter Mingles Lounge where a bouncer was determined to bar entry. The police officer being an extremely responsible man decided to wave his gun at the bouncer hoping to gain entry. To top this off the gun was defaced (the serial number was removed) which compounds his failure to obey the law he has sworn to protect.

This proves a frightening and shocking point, police officers aren’t all law abiding citizens who will do no wrong with a firearm. Who would have guessed?