People Getting Knickers in a Bunch over Lawful Commerce

Uh oh there is lawful commerce afoot and people aren’t happy. Eastside Harley-Davidson has a promotion running where you will receive a $500.00 voucher if you purchase a new bike.

I love how it’s OK with people when the federal government gives them cash for turning vehicles which get lower fuel milage but the second a voucher for a gun (voucher people, not an actual gun) is given away it’s all of the sudden a horrible event.

To get the story straight the $500.00 voucher is for Wade’s Eastside Guns so people have to take the voucher there, pick out a gun, fill out the paper work, go through the NICS, and finally get the gun. Hence this is no different that purchasing a gun at any store except if you bought the Harley you also get a gift certificate. But I guess we know lawful commerce is a scary thing if it isn’t under government control.