Mexico Wants U.S. To Reinstate “Assault Weapon” Ban

From the NRA ILA comes an article on ABC news. During the North American Leaders conference Mexico will be urging the United States to reinstitute the improperly named “assault weapon” ban.

I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated – it’s not philosophical, it’s because of what we have seen on the ground…There is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in Mexico…We are both cognizant of what can and cannot be done right now – we will softly, diplomatically…continue to say that this is an important issue for us but I think the real perspectives of this moving on Capitol Hill these days are slim to say the least.

So let me get this straight because of our law expiring Mexico is having an issue with American purchased semi-automatic military lookalike rifles? Right. I’m sure the drug cartels in Mexico are purchasing semi-automatic AR-15 rifles from America and smuggling them back as opposed to left over stockpile of fully automatic rifles and grenade available for much cheaper in Central America.

Maybe if these dumb asses would get rid of the corruption plaguing their own government and do a half assed attempt at security their borders they wouldn’t have to worry about us. Then again they need somebody to point the finger at to cover up their own government’s sheer incompetence and the United States is the internationally recognized evil leader in the business of being evil.