Thanks to no National Concealed Carry the Pittsburgh Shooting Wasn’t as Bad

From Joe Huffman’s blog we have a quote from the Brady Bunch father Paul Hemke (I don’t directly link to the Brady Campaign site, you’ll have to navigate though Huffman’s blog) has decided to speak up. His assessment of the Pittsburgh shooting is that thanks to the defeat of the national carry reciprocity Mr. Chickenshit (not Hemke but the Pittsburgh gym shooter) couldn’t carry in other states. To quote the letter:

Two weeks ago, gun violence prevention organizations helped defeat a bill in Congress that would have allowed this killer to carry his loaded weapon almost anywhere in the country.

How this is relevant I’m not sure. First of all Mr. Chickenshit was in his own state so national reciprocity wasn’t an issue at all. Second of all if he was going to leave the state to murder people I highly doubt he would decide the only travel to a state that recognized his permit. Third L.A. Fitness has a policy that prevents people from carrying their legally permitted weapons in so obviously Mr. Chickenshit didn’t care about breaking a law against carrying his gun anyways. Finally if he’s brining this up because it would have increased Mr. Chickenshit’s length of time in prison for violating a gun control law it’s irrelevant since the guy offed himself anyways.

I guess I understand the fact that Hemke is trying to make it appear as if his organization is doing something in the desperate hope that somebody will support them against the big, mean, and nasty NRA. Sorry Hemke but arguing with lies and irreverent information isn’t going to win you many supporters.