The Blame Game Episode 1, Blaming the Cat

Ah yes the blame game, one of America’s favorite games to play. The rules are simple screw up and find somebody or something besides yourself to blame it on. The screw up is called as such and the object of blame is called the excuse. The more idiotic the excuse the more points you receive. But here is the trick you need to pass the excuse and have other people believe you, if you fail to make something believable you lose instantly.

Today’s contestant is Keith Griffin. He is 48 years old and hails from Jensen Beach, Florida. His screw up is downloading child pornography, approximately 1,000 images worth. At stake is possible life in prison, registry as a sex offender, and being anally raped in prison by a guy named Bubba. He is currently being held on $250,000 bail. So what’s his excuse?

His excuse is he often leaves his computer running an unattended. While the computer is unguarded his cat will walk across the keyboard causing the computer to download strange stuff.

That’s it. As far as points go he nabs a great many for the stupidity of his excuse. It’s crazy and off the wall as can be while certainly stretching the truth past its limits. The only problem is it’s completely unbelievable and there is no way in Hell he’s going to convince a jury of this unless the entire jury is stacked with total idiots meaning he’s automatically lost the game.

Sorry Keith you just weren’t meant to win. Next time try doing something believable such as blaming some hacker or malware for breaking into your system and downloading those image. Join us next time on the Blame Game.