I Repeat, if You Criticize Obama You are Racist

From Says Uncle we have another example of the Obamessiah’s critics being labeled racists. This time the word socialist is being redefined by an Obamessiah follower to mean nigger. That’s right he claims when you say socialist are actually being derogatory to the president’s race not his financial policy to bankrupt save the economy through printing trillions of dollars. Here is the video:


This is an effective way to stop people from using their first amendment right. All you have to do is attach a pariah label to your critics. For the connivence of those who hate the freedom to criticize here is a list of the proper label to use on those who don’t agree with you:

    If your opponents is…

  • white call them racist.
  • if a man and you are a woman call them sexist.
  • isn’t willing to pass your law increasing government powers to spy on citizens call them terrorists.
  • isn’t willing to pass your law to “protect the children” call them pedophiles.
  • is using anything off of this list call them assholes.

Hopefully that clears things up.