Mayor Bloomberg Looking for the Ultimate Fight

Wow I don’t know how I missed this article but apparent Mayor Bloomberg is starting an open war against the NRA. He’s going up against the NRA using his cronies in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group that is nothing more than a group advocating restricting the second amendment.

This is going to be an interesting fight. On one hand you have the NRA and it’s 4 million members, but on the other hand you have a group of mayors with access to the politically wealthy and well connected of their cities. Well if it’s a fight they want it’s a fight they shall receive. The first volley came from their side in the form of a declaration of war while I think our first volley should be to dislodge their power base by ridding ourselves of mayors in this group. Although I have a policy against linking to anti-gun sites I’m officially going to break that here and now so I can provide a list of mayors in the organization provided by the organization itself. Of course being a Minnesotan I’m calling out the names of Minnesota mayors in this league here and now. They are:

Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park
Mayor Elizabeth B. Kautz of Burnsville
Mayor Gary F. Van Eyll of Chaska
Mayor Gary Peterson of Columbia Heights
Mayor Don Ness of Duluth
Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis
Mayor Chris Coleman of St. Paul
Mayor Andrew G. Humphrey of Wayzata

These Minnesota mayors need to be gone. Remember the best way to take down an organization is by removing it’s power base. As it sits right now the NRA does have far more members but a majority of those members are us average Joe’s while the Majors Against Illegal Guns have the politically well connected and super rich.

If they want a fight we shall give it to them.