Stupidity in Quotations

So I’ve been talking about the people legally brining guns with them to these health care rallies. Of course I mentioned I bring my gun with me everywhere I legally can. Of course common sense went out the window because we were talking about guns near the Obamessiah.

Me: “I don’t know who there might try to cause me harm. I carry a gun so if somebody means to cause me harm they are going to have to work for it.”

Other Person: “And what are the chances of you being attacked at one of these rallies. I’m guessing pretty slim.”

Me: “The chances of me getting into a car accident on my way home tonight are pretty slim as well but I still wear my seat belt.”

And that is where the conversation ended. Seriously people just don’t grasp the concept that carrying the gun has no downside for me and greatly lowers my risk. On the other hand not carrying the gun with me has many downsides and greatly increases my risk. I swear simple math is beyond the scope of many people.

2 thoughts on “Stupidity in Quotations”

  1. I’m guessing that for them, they don’t even think about the downside of carrying a gun for you. They do see the world in terms of individuals, but only insofar as those individuals fit into, and contribute to or detract from, the collective. They don’t see the danger you put yourself in when you don’t carry a gun, they only see the (supposed) danger to everyone else when you do carry a gun. That, plus the general attitude towards guns as evil.

    The cognitive dissonance that these folks are capable of suppressing is astonishing, really. They are very, very good at rationalizing it away.

    Guns = evil by nature. People = evil by nature. People + guns = even more evil.


    Guns + Government Official = good.

    They believe that being in public service is a good thing, and that it somehow restrains evil tendencies. Public Servant is a bit of a misnomer. Public Master seems to be more accurate. People are stupid, but government gives them rules, laws, and restrictions that tame the evils.

    People exercising evil in government, and using their Official status as a shield, doesn’t occur to them, even though this is a huge problem.

  2. Actually it was a conversation with somebody else. I just labeled the specific person’s comment in the other conversation as ignorant due to lack of education on the matter. She’s a sheep who follows whatever the extreme left-leaning say.

    But it does amaze me how people think a person is safe so long as there is a law on the books saying guns are illegal. They refuse to stop and think about the fact criminals will still bring guns regardless of laws. Breaking the law is the definition of a criminal.

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