This Case Won’t Die

Seriously this is getting ridiculous, when you think the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit is dead it rises again from the dead. For those of you who don’t know SCO sued IBM back in 2003 for the sum of $1 billion because SCO thought they owned the rights to UNIX. See Linux killed their business and IBM was one of Linux’s largest supporters as well as a supporter with lots of money so they became target one. Well things became fortunate when a court ruling stated Novell owned the rights to UNIX and Novell was more than happy to let other people use it.

That ruling has now been overturned allowing what is left of SCO to continue going after IBM. The worst part is SCO never once provided proof that it owned the rights to UNIX nor that Linux contained any code from SCO’s UNIX. They also kept changing their claims and tactics which dragged the case one for many years while draining SCO’s small amount of money. Of course Microsoft, who Linux has been steadily chipping away at, eventually floated SCO some money to keep the lawsuit going. Even that money wasn’t enough because after it was ruled Novell owned the rights to UNIX SCO had to file Chapter 11.

Sadly it seems as though this case will rise from the dead. Cripes!