This is How We Do It

Via Joe Huffman’s blog comes a story of how we pro-gunners do things. If you are an anti-gun mayor you’re going to be voted out. That’s what happened to Seattle’s own anti-gun mayor who was also conveniently a member of Bloomberg’s purposely deceptively named Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Don’t mess with us:

“When the mayor announced last year that he would ban legally-carried firearms from city property when he knew it would be contrary to the state’s preemption statute,” Gottlieb recalled, “it made tens of thousands of Seattle gun owners furious. Nickels insulted their intelligence by promising to ban guns by executive order, which is the height of municipal contempt for the rights of citizens under the state Constitution. He literally threw away their votes.”

CCRKBA Projects Director Thomas McKiddie, a West Seattle resident, said he and his gun-owning fellow Seattleites had simply had enough of the mayor’s condescension toward their rights to be safe on city streets, in parks and on other public property.

That was a bad idea because then this happens:

“I don’t know a single gun owner in Seattle who voted for Nickels,” McKiddie said. “After he threatened an executive order, he lost the nerve to actually issue one because he knew he would lose that fight in court. Instead, he included gun prohibitions in use contracts for the Seattle Center and other venues. He knew a citywide ban would be unenforceable, and his ouster demonstrates that Seattle gun owners were having none of it.”

Yup we aren’t shooting people like the anti-gunners claim, we are legally ousting those who would stand against us and our constitutional rights. Now if we can repeat this for a majority of the mayors in Mayors Against Illegal Guns we’ll be sitting well.