Some People Are Pricks

I know I usually don’t post on the weekend but I thought I’d do it just this once (and probably again). I got back from four and a half amazing hours at the range. Several groups came and went with all but the last one letting me keep their spent brass. Needless to say I came home with a ton of 9mm and .40 brass.

But there was one older couple who showed up. This is where I got irritated. I was irritated because the husband was being a prick to his wife. See when talking to them they said they just got into shooting. The hearing protection my amazing girlfriend bought me have microphones, which means I could hear their conversation clear as day.

Well the conversation was more the husband belittling the wife because she didn’t know what to do with the firearms. I’m sorry but I get pissed when somebody belittles another just because that person being belittled is inexperienced. Well they had a Ruger MK. III that the extractor broke on. It broke while the wife was shooting it and the husband was having a hissy fit and getting mad at her for breaking it. Now she didn’t break it, it just broke. My guess being it was a new gun is that the extractor was faulty to start with. Then he belittled her for not hitting the target with their other pistol.

This kind of shit needs to stop. Not just in the shooting community but everywhere. But being this is a gun blog I’m going to say it needs to stop in the shooting community because new shooters aren’t going to enjoy a sport when they are getting tore into all the time. I did my part by walking over there and giving them some advice, but I didn’t tell the guy to knock it off because I didn’t want him to know my headset had a microphone and I could hear them. After showing the woman how to shoot she started doing better than the man there. That really upset him and that’s about the time they left.

Needless to say that guy was a total prick and I really wish he wasn’t at my range. Shooting should be enjoyable for all, not some reason to make your wife feel bad.