Britain Ensures Scouts Won’t Always Be Prepared

Well it looks like the British nanny states strikes again. Scouts in Britain will no longer be allowed to carry pen knives on camping trips.

Penknives may have formed as much part of the scouting experience as badges and campfires, but according to advice from the Scout Association they must no longer be brought on camping trips, except when there is a “specific” need.

Modern Britain’s knife culture, including the rise in fatal stabbings, has been cited by troop leaders — although some have countered that the code contradicts the tradition that Scouts are to be trusted for their honour.

Yes that’s right Britain doesn’t want scouts wielding those dangerous pen knives because of their new found fear of knife crime. After seeing how well the gun ban brought down the number of shootings it only makes sense to ban knives to bring down the number of stabbings… hey wait a minute! If banning guns didn’t stop shootings than why the fuck is banning knives going to bring down stabbings? It’s not. Especially considering they are taking knives away from scouts who have legitimate uses for them.

Just because the tool can be used as a weapon doesn’t mean it should be banned. But hey the first step in establishing a fascist government is to completely disarm the populace.