Hypocrisy Today

Man I just love hypocrisy, especially when it comes from those who like to play the holier than thou card. Well I’m sure you’ve all heard about Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst during Obama’s recent speech. Well honestly the outburst really is a non-story but boy are those “progressive” liberals jumping on it as if it is.

See as I’ve stated many times I have a lot of liberal friends, some are just liberal while others are “progressive” liberals. They always harp on me when I start going against an elected official because they’re anti-gun. It’s mostly how adamant I become at getting the representative out of office that they distain. Well I’m looking at my Facebook page this morning and noticing a trend that seemed to start last night. Many of my liberal friends are calling for Mr. Wilson’s head. I’ve seen enough posts on the man who plans to run against him in the upcoming election to choke a horse. They’re becoming zealous in the mission to remove this man.

I guess I should just write it off as a do as I say not as I do thing. It’s funny to me watching the hypocrisy unfold.