The Truth About Bloomberg’s Posse

The truth is Bloomberg’s deceptively named group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is just that deceptively named. I found a great story via the NRA ILA about one such mayor who was deceived.

Mayor Ernie Wiggins doesn’t remember signing up for the organization. He did sign up for their mailing list but didn’t remember actually lending his name to the organization:

“I’ll be honest when I say I don’t recall signing up for the coalition’s membership and obviously I didn’t realize what it was all about,” Wiggins said.

He said he originally signed up to be on the coalition’s e-mail list to follow its information, but did not agree to become a coalition member.


“Frankly, I don’t recall if I responded to the e-mails when they e-mailed to ask me if I wanted to continue to receive the e-mails,” Wiggins said. “All of a sudden I am a member of this organization, and frankly on the surface the organization sounds innocent, who’s not against illegal guns?”

That’s exactly the point I want people to realized. The name of the organization is far different than their mission. Having a group named Mayors Against Illegal Guns seems to imply the group is against just that, illegal guns. The problem is Bloomberg is using his group to attack guns in general regardless of legal status. I’m sure many members of the group don’t even realize this fact and that’s why we need to let them know.

And letting them know is key. Mayor Wiggins left due to request by rights minded citizens of the NRA:

“I do respect local people who are members of the National Rifle Association who have asked me to remove my name from the membership, and I have done so,” Wiggins said.

If we don’t let the listed members of that group know the truth behind the organization they’re supposedly members of they may never find out. It’s out job as activists to give information to other people, especially those who need it most.

Keep up the good work everybody, we’re slowly whittling away at Bloomberg’s posse. If we keep this up he won’t have enough rich elitists to put up any kind of real fight against the rights of American citizens.