North Dakota Remains Logical Impossibility

Says Uncle shows that North Dakota remains an complete paradox unable to exist in the real world. See according to the FBI statistics North Dakota had a total of three homicides in 2008. A gun wasn’t used in any of those homicides meaning there were zero gun related murders in North Dakota.

Seems odd considering North Dakota is rated 44 our of 50 in the Brady Bunch’s gun control list (in this case the higher the number the less gun control laws a state has). Being guns are supposed to cause crime and according to released FBI data on the number of NICS checks performed in 2009 [PDF Link] there were 309,269 firearm purchases made. To put that further in perspective North Dakota has a population of 641,481 which at the very least there may be almost 1 gun for every 2 people in the state. With that many guns and such a low Brady gun control rating the number of homicides performed with guns in that state should be far in excess of zero.