Who Needs Guns for Protection When You Have Paper

That the question governor of self-defense hating Illinois asks. Via The War on Guns comes a story about a new bill that was passed in Illinois meant to help victims protect themselves. At least that’s what they say it means but in actuality it doesn’t. Recently passed House Bill 693 will allows the following:

“By allowing victims to obtain an order of protection early on from their predators, the problem may be resolved before it reaches that next level.”

Yup their idea of providing protection is to make obtaining a piece of paper easier. This is coming from the same state that says the best methods women can use to defend themselves are vomit, scream, or surrender. Notice how none of those three options will really defend somebody against an attacker?

I have a proposition for a method Illinois can enable to help people protect themselves against predators. Pass a bill that not only allows citizens of Illinois to legally carry a firearm but also make it a shall issue law. That piece of paper known as a restraining order won’t do shit if the predator decided to attack you. On the other hand I’m yet to meet somebody who won’t reconsider their actions when a gun is aimed at them and I’m yes to meet somebody who can continue an attack when they are dead.

Providing a means for the government to offer defense to people is useless if the government won’t provide body guards to those protected people 24/7. Passing laws that enable people to take responsibility for their well being into their own hands is worthwhile.