A Reminder Owning a Gun isn’t Enough for Self Defense

After something bad happens to a person or somebody they know they often respond by going out and purchasing a gun. I’ve talked about this before but simply owning a gun isn’t going to keep you save. Well Robb Allen heard of a situation and reminds us:

Getting a shotgun isn’t going to keep you safe. It’s not a magical talisman that wards off evil spirits. The only thing it does is help give you the advantage you need to survive a fight.

Before one thinks about getting any firearm for home defense, they should ask themselves a few questions

Am I willing to use lethal force and accept the consequences of doing so?
Will I train with the firearm so that in a time of crisis, I can use it accurately and safely?
Can I secure the weapons against unauthorized use such as children?

All of these points are important. Head over to his blog and read what he posted.