Hope and Change Baby, Hope and Change

So did you guys here about the $636 billion defense spending bill that just went through? No? Neither did I until the latest episode of No Agenda. Apparently Congress decided to spend more money we don’t have which isn’t surprising. What is interesting is there is a specific clause in the bill dealing with a certain Cuban facility the Obamessiah said he would shutdown:

It prohibits the Obama administration from transferring international terrorism suspects currently held at the Guantanamo Bay military prison to the United States.

This brings up three possibilities. The first is we are going to release all the people held at Gitmo upon closing it. The second possibility is we will transfer all the inmate held there to other countries. And then there is the third possibility, we aren’t shutting down Gitmo anytime soon.

Take your pick but I’m betting it’s going to be the third one.