The Anti-Gunners Sure are Grade A Assholes

Sometimes you find stories that make your blood boil. This is one of those stories via Says Uncle. A man who worked for Planco, a subsidiary of Hartford, was fired for looking at web sites that listed gun parts. Note the firing wasn’t even due to some mislead company policy against looking at websites that aren’t specifically work related:

When Jackson was searching the Web for a replacement shotgun stock, supervisor Christie Vazquez — who admitted in a subsequent deposition to being “very anti-gun” and had quarreled with him before about politics — noticed what he was doing. Vazquez said she was scared because it was only a few weeks after the Virginia Tech massacre (see CBS News video), so she promptly reported her colleague’s Web browsing to Planco’s human resources department. Vazquez also informed the HR department that Jackson owned guns and was a member of the National Rifle Association.

Can you find the logic in this:

There is no evidence that Jackson was a violent person, and Davis later acknowledged that the list of Web sites were shopping sites that didn’t have any violent pictures or anything that alarmed her. Nevertheless, Vazquez and another supervisor claimed they were concerned for their safety, and Planco fired Jackson six days later.

Didn’t think so. And of course Jackson even escorted Vazquez in a bad neighborhood as he had a carry permit:

The lawsuit, filed by Exton, Penn. attorney Mark Scheffer, noted that Jackson and supervisor Vazquez had — at least at one point — enjoyed a friendly relationship. Jackson, who has a legal concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania, accompanied Vazquez when she was hunting for apartments in dodgy areas of Philadelphia. He gave her a tour of the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he used to work, and took Vazquez to a shooting range and showed her how to use a gun. (She confirmed in a later deposition (PDF) that she enjoyed the outing.) Another employee who worked in the same department said he heard Vazquez ask Jackson about purchasing a handgun for protection.

Some thanks there. The anti-gun crowd always claim they are against violence but they really mean they are against violence unless they can have a proxy do it. It’s OK to have a friend escort you through a bad neighborhood if they are able to carry a gun. It’s OK for the police to show up and shoot a home invader. Seriously I hate hypocrites and the anti-gun crowd are the biggest hypocrites out there.

I’m glad I work at a company where a good chunk of the employees are pro-gun and gun owners. On top of that I’m pretty well known as “the gun guy” and have become a resource for a couple people looking to purchase firearms or get carry permits.