It’s About Time

Nothing dreadfully much to report here but Apple finally released a new mouse. I know not a big deal it’s a fucking mouse. But this one finally eliminates that damned trackball that always ended up not functioning after a short while due to dust and other crud getting under the ball. Instead this one is a multi-touch mouse which means no buttons are on it at all and the mouse works off of the same touch gestures as the trackpad on newer Apple laptops. I’ve been waiting for a company to do something like this for about ten years now, honestly was it really that hard?

2 thoughts on “It’s About Time”

  1. I have mixed feelings about the Magic Mouse. I can’t sympathize with you enough on the ‘ball’ on the mighty mouse. After about 2 months of use both the mighty mice I had essentially became a burden. ‘Right-clicking’ registered maybe 65% of the time, the ball was effectively worthless, and the ergonomics were terrible. This is why I will reserve judgement on this little guy. It’s a neat concept but I think i’ll wait and see on this one.

  2. Oh I’m certainly not passing final judgement yet. But I’ve been saying for quite some time now that we should just do away with mechanical scrolling devices and go to a solid state feature like track pads have.

    I’m just happy to see somebody is doing it. As for how well Apple’s mouse will work, well they have a pretty solid reputation of making shitty mice. Honestly though I haven’t had too many issues with the Mighty Mouse outside of the bloody scroll wheel. Right-clicking works for me consistently but I hold and use a mouse kind of oddly.

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