I Can’t Believe I’m Defending the TSA

But hey when somebody doesn’t fuck up it’s just as important to report it as when they fuck up. I found out that there is one time when the TSA didn’t actually act like jack booted communist check point military personnel.

A while back a women posted a story about how a TSA agent took her baby and ran off with him. She claimed the TSA agent said he needed to search her child and after handing her child over the TSA agent just kind of waltzed off.

Well TSA decided this bullshit story was a little to harming to their reputation. To point out the fact the above mentioned mother lied the TSA posted the surveillance video of that search on the TSA blog (yeah they have a blog and it’s so stupid it’s funny to read).

I hate the TSA as much as anybody else who has flown on a plane but I’m not going to start fabricating lies about them. Seriously that mother should have thought before posting that melodramatic heap of bull shit. Did she honestly think the TSA didn’t video tape those secure areas?