Most Retarded Argument Against the Right to Bear Arms Yet

I was reading through the commend on a post over at Dvorak Uncensored and read what is possible the most retarded argument agains the right to bear arms I’ve yet seen. User Theone has this to say:

Lol, I don’t own arms because unlike many morons out there I’m a good shot. I’ve competed in many ROTC in my younger years to know I can pick people off easily. I also know I had a bad temper and can get insane. That is why I’m against arms…people are insane.

Seriously, give me a rifle and I can toss that thing high in the air and without looking at it grab it and shoot you down in seconds, between your head. Now do you want some crazy like me to own a gun or knowing that I made the right choice not to own any?

If you disagree feel free to sign my contract allowing me to kill your sorry behind and I’ll happily do it…for free. We can even do it western cowboy style to give you a chance to hit me.

Wow what an idiot. He’s saying since he’s a good shot (which I doubt reading his post) and has anger management problems people shouldn’t have guns? Also another thing I noticed is the fact he brags up how good of a shot he is. Apparently he has magical powers as he can toss a rifle in the air, catch it, and without even looking nail you square between the eyes. 99% (I’d say 100% but there may be an exception somewhere) of the time somebody makes a bragging statement like that they’re lying.

Anybody competent with a rifle knows a simple fact, you can’t accurately shoot a rifle, or any gun, without looking. You need to see the target in relation to you in order to put a round in them. What this guy is probably saying is he’s a prohibited person due to a domestic violence case and since he can’t have guns nobody should be allowed to. Don’t get me wrong after reading that I’m glad he doesn’t have guns, he seems far too stupid to be responsible enough.