This is Why You Don’t Comply with Criminals

You know what the anti-gunners always say, comply with criminals and you’ll be better off than if you defended yourself. The phrase, “Just give them want they want” is often used by those against the right of self defense.

The problem is you’re making a contract with a person willing to cause you harm. I present and example showing why compliance isn’t a substitute for self defense.

Here is the story summed up. A many breaks into a family’s home and robs them of valuables. After the even the family report the incident to the police and then get a shotgun in case they experience anything like that again. Well the thug was so pissed off that the family reported him that he returned with intent to kill the family. He met the business end of a shotgun.

Remember when dealing with unscrupulous people there is no guarantee that they won’t decide to turn around and murder you after you’ve done everything they say. On the other hand dead criminals can’t harm anybody. And that is my thought of the day.