A Right Doesn’t Mean It’s Mandatory

OK I’ve heard this going around by haven’t found the source. Thankfully Says Uncle found the source of this current meme. Some guy at the Washington Post has a modest proposal, require every American to own a gun by force of law. Although this article is most likely satirical in nature it does give me a pedestal to stand on while I say something.

Any right means just that, you have the right. It doesn’t mean you must exercise that right though. Even though United States code does require everybody in the militia is required to own a flintlock rifle the law doesn’t appear to be enforced. [Incorrect as pointed out by Illeix below.] Since that law isn’t enforced it’s really up to the individual whether or not they want to own a gun. And people should have that choice. I think requiring people to own guns is a poor idea.

3 thoughts on “A Right Doesn’t Mean It’s Mandatory”

  1. The Militia Act of 1782 (I think that was the year) was repealed, that’s why it isn’t enforced.

    It was deemed unconstitutional, by the very grounds you cite. Just because they may not legally take them away, dosn’t mean they may require you to have them.

  2. Thanks for brining that up. Stupidity on my behalf lead me to forget all about the Dick Act of 1903 when I wrote this post.

    I wish I could blame this inaccuracy on something other than my own hurried stupidity when I wrote this but I can’t.

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