Worst Deer Season Ever

Well I’m back, sort of. I took some time off to do some deer hunting which I really failed to accomplish. For the two day hunting span I only saw two deer. These deer of course were somewhere between 100 and 200 yards out (I lack depth perception and hence distance judgements are difficult) at a full run and I had a window of about two seconds in which to see and shoot them. I took the gratuitous pot shot and missed.

That’s all I saw. Within the group I was hunting with the owner of the property did get several shots off at three deer grouped together. He had a single hit leaving a blood trail which my party and I followed for about a mile before giving up due to oncoming darkness.

The property owners did say that this was the worst season they have seen in the 30 years they’ve been hunting. Great year to try deer hunting out again. I did learn something though if you’re going to be sitting in a deer stand for five to six hours bring a book.