Obama Trying To Be More Like Bush Every Day

Seriously I thought Obama was all about hope and change. Well he certainly isn’t about change when it comes to the war department. Showing that he wants to emulate Bush he’s authorized 30,000 more troops to be sent over to Afghanistan. Strangely enough the Taliban vows to fight them.

I thought Obama said he’d try to pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Wasn’t that one of the things he campaigned on? You know how much money this country would save if we weren’t at a constant state of war?

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  1. Ironic, isn’t it? The left, citing McCain as being too much like Bush, run head-long toward a complete unknown, ranked as the most liberal senator in congress, whose only real world experience is that of community organizer ends up to be the very president they hoped to avoid.

    1. Sarah Palin was the president I hoped to avoid.

      It’s been 11 months, and he isn’t doing a terrible job, much better then Bush did in his first year (there was that whole…9/11 thing) and he inherited a mess (on many fronts). Lets give it time.

      1. You know I think Obama is doing exactly the same kind of job as Bush and here is why.

        He had no problem renewing FISA which gives the government the ability to do warrantless wiretapping. Not to mention Obama believes at least some provisions of the PATRIOT Act need renewal. I’m of the firm belief that anybody who voted for that act should be brought up on charges of treason and punished accordingly.

        He also did the same bailout as Bush except. The devaluation in our currency due to that is akin to stealing from the American people since all of our money is worth less thanks to the fact the Federal Reserve decided to just print off another trillion which congress approved.

        Cash for clunkers? That was a great way of taking used automobiles that the poorer of our population could afford off of the market.

        Don’t get me wrong I think we would have been equally screwed by McCain. But I will also say that if Obama wants to prove he’s better than Bush he should stop supporting Bush and his cronies’ tactics. So far Obama is playing the “inherited the mess” card but not cleaning up the mess.

          1. From the first 3 sources …

            “the warnings did not contemplate the possibility that the hijackers would turn the planes into guided missiles for a terrorist attack.”

            “officials said, there was no speculation about the use of an airplane itself as a bomb or a weapon, and no specific, credible information about the possibility of a hijacking of any sort”

            “specifically told that hijacks were being planned…..intelligence experts had not advised them domestic targets were considered at risk. ”

            As I have known all along, it is clear Bush was warned, but without specifics. What does a president do with a warning without details? This is a red herring.

            Here. Sink your teeth into this one:

            While Clinton was agonizing over a televised golf tournament, advisers were telling him to his face about Osama bin Laden’s location and that a strike force was ready for launch from an aircraft carrier to take him out. It was a time-critical situation and Clinton treated the opportunity as if it was a foul intrusion upon his right to enjoy a golf telecast. By the time Clinton’s attention could be peeled away from the television so that he could devote his full attention to the matter, enough time had slipped by to render the target stale. Osama bin Laden had slipped away and the opportunity was lost.

            THERE’s you 9/11 thing.

  2. Actually, Obama stated all along that he wanted to raise troop levels in Afghanistan and McCain did not support the idea of raised troop levels initially DURING HIS CAMPAIGN. Not only that, he repeated it again and again.

    On Iraq, Obama still has much to prove. The withdrawals of troops in July was part of the Bush agenda. Though Obama set a 16 month time table (which he later increased to ‘late 2010’) for Withdrawal from Iraq..so the jury is still out on that.

    On July 7, 2008
    “Obama has set a 16-month timetable for the withdrawal of major combat troops from Iraq and would commit two additional brigades to Afghanistan to reinforce counterterrorism operations there. He has also pledged a $1 billion increase in nonmilitary aid to the country, partly to find new work for poppy farmers who benefit from the heroin trade. In a remark that sparked controversy, he said he would not rule out a unilateral strike in Pakistan.”

    Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0707/p01s03-uspo.html

    1. OK I guess I was incorrect there. I guess he was campaigning as a war monger, just in a different country.

      I just hope we pull out (and remove our private contractors) from Iraq and Afghanistan soon enough to not bankrupt ourselves. Seriously wars are expensive.

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