I Have My Doubts

Well the 802.11n protocol was finally ratified a while ago so that means it’s time for engineers to work on the next great thing. In this article they are talking about the next standard which is to be dubbed 802.11ac. They are claiming this next standard will support speeds up to 1Gbps.

But it’s their second claim I find doubtful, that this new protocol will be out by 2012. If anybody followed the 802.11n fiasco you’ll know it took them forever to finally ratify the standard and get it out the door. I highly doubt they will get the next version out in two years.

2 thoughts on “I Have My Doubts”

  1. 1 Gb Wifi? Someone get me a tin foil hat, these things are going to make our heads explode!

    1. I hear those tin foil hats amplify wireless signals. It’s a government conspiracy to make American heads explode around the world and blame it on SWINE FLU!

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