Obviously This Girl Should be Barred Her Second Amendment Rights

A couple posts ago I talked about how I felt felons shouldn’t be barred their right to bear arms. As it sits right snow in this country anybody convicted of a felony can no longer own or use a firearm legally. One problem is the list of felony charges is every increasing and many have nothing to do with violent behavior.

Listening to the latest episode of This Week in Tech I came across this story. From the story:

A birthday party that included a trip to see “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” could send 22 year old Samantha Tumpach to prison for three years.

So she taped a few minutes of a shitty movie based on a shitty book. What kind of charge do you get for that?

The managers at the theater contacted the police and Tumpach was arrested. She spent two days in jail and now has felony charges to face for illegally copying a movie.

Yup a felony. Tell me why this girl should be barred her right to bear arms. I’m waiting. She’s done nothing violent but thanks to the Gun Control Act of 1968 she, if prosecuted, will be barred her rights because she recorded a few minutes of a movie on a her camcorder. Yeah I guess all felons should be prevented from purchasing firearms.

3 thoughts on “Obviously This Girl Should be Barred Her Second Amendment Rights”

  1. I don’t know Chris. I wouldn’t trust anyone who willingly sees a twilight movie with a Ham Sandwich, let alone a Firearm.

  2. Furthermore, from what I heard. She had a new camera and was mostly testing it and recording birthday party related stuff.

    It’s lame…

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