Glock Generation Four News

It appears some more information is bring released about the next generation of Glock pistols. Says Uncle has a possible picture of the new pistol while The Firearm Blog has found mention of new Glock 17 and 22 models being mentioned on a firearm distributor site.

There is talk that the new model of Glocks will have a redesigned recoil spring but that isn’t apparent in the previously mentioned picture. What the picture does show is the new Glock will have swappable back straps, a more aggressive but not as aggressive as RTF2 frame, and what appears to be a larger magazine release (hopefully ambidextrous).

I still don’t understand how Glock would improve their pistols which they claim are prefect. But I do love the fact they are moving to swappable back straps. Why? Because when I mention swappable back straps on the XD(M) pistols a Glock fan boy usually crows about how that is just another unneeded part that will break. I’m guessing it’s not going to be a great new innovation from Glock. Fucking fan boys.