Double the Gun

Apparently adding another barrel to existing firearms is the new rage today. First Arsenal Firearms introduced a double barrel 1911 and now an Israeli firm is introducing a double barrel AR-15:

Israeli firm Silver Shadow are said to be debuting a double barreled AR-15 next month in Paris at the Eurosatory expo.

Interesting. I wonder when the double barrel M82 will be released. Or better yet a double barrel GAU-8.

Because Everybody Else is Doing It

I understand that the AR-15 is a great rifle and producing one generates easy income. As I have this understanding I hold not ill-will towards companies that manufacture some kind of AR-15 pattern rifle, it’s good business, but I will also admit that it’s getting to be a complete non-issue when a new company introduces a new rifle. Why is it a complete non-issue now? Because every new rife announcement is yet another AR-15 pattern rifle and honestly it’s boring.

I’m saying this as Mossberg has introduced an AR-15. The fact that Mossberg has made this announcement isn’t the news item, the fact that they didn’t already have an AR-15 on the market is a news item. Every time another gun manufacturer announces that they’re producing an AR-15 I’m not shocked by the introduction, I’m shocked by the fact that a manufacturer still existed that didn’t have such a rifle on the market.

I love the AR-15 but honestly I’d like to see a new rifle announcement that isn’t yet another AR-15. How about a manufacturer drum up some hype about a new rifle they’re going to be introducing and actually introduce something completely new. I’m not talking about yet another AR-15 style rifle like the SCAR; No, I’m talking about something totally off the wall. I’m getting bored with all of these AR-15 announcements and damn it it’s the job of the gun industry to keep me entertained and excited.

Meet The Springfield XD(m) Competition Pistol

Springfield Armory has been busy with their line of imported pistols and I must say they’re certainly working to make sure all the holes in their product line are filled. A new pistol in the XD(m) line has been unveiled and this one is specifically for competitions.

It comes out of the box with a rear adjustable target sight, a fiber optic front sight, and the slide has a large cut out across the top to bring the weight down. Beyond that it looks like a standard XD(m). Personally I think it looks neat and I’m glad to see Springfield working diligently on ensuring there is a XD model for everything need.

If You’re Not Going to Do Something Well Don’t Do It at All

Glock is celebrating their 25th year in the United States. This celebration is being done by the released of 2,500 limited edition Glock 17 pistols. What makes them limited edition? A small metal plate on the grip that says 25 Years. Whoopty do!

Although I love Glock pistols I fully admit that they have an ugly and uninspired design lacking anything beyond the necessities for functionality. I’m fine with this because their guns work well. But if this is all Glock can manage to come up with for their limited edition pistol they might as well not even bother trying.

Still congratulations on 25 years in the United States Glock and here’s to another 25.

HS Produkt VHS Rifle

HS Produkt is probably best known as the manufacturer of the pistol known in America as the Springfield XD. Being the manufacturer of the XD means your company has at least some established track record of making great firearms and thus people are more likely to take interest in other weapons you make. Enter the VHS assault rifle, HS Produkt’s latest entry into the small arms market.

I will say that the VHS looks like an interesting rifle. The rifle looks pretty ugly but that’s not really an issue of the firearm works well. It’s also good to see that in this day an age Croatia still concerns themselves with mounting bayonets on their modern rifles. What good is a rifle if you can stick a knife at the end of it and stab somebody? I’ll tell you, it’s no good at all.

Because Bigger is Better

There is one universal rule, bigger is always better. Because of this Guncrafter Industries decided the Glock needed a .50 GI conversion kit. For those of you unaware the .50 GI is a .50 cartridge that was originally invented to bring .05 more inches to the 1911. Why? It’s fucking awesome that’s why!

Now you can turn your Glock into an impractical Desert Eagle wannabe for the low low price of $595.00. Oh and the cost of .50 GI which I’ve never seen before so I’m guessing is going to be equally expensive.

The Beretta Mx4 Storm

I have a Beretta Cx4 Storm in .45 and absolutely love it. Beretta released the Cx4 Storm as a “patrol rifle” (the label given by police for rifles incorrectly called “assault rifles” by anti-gunners, it makes the polices’ rifles sound less scary) and shares magazine commonality with similarly chambered Px4 Storm pistols. I’ve always been curious why Beretta hasn’t released a select fire version of the Cx4 Storm as it would make a sweet little submachinegun. After long last they have released one, the Mx4 Storm.

I think it goes without saying that I want one. Sadly as a lowly peasant I can’t legally own such a rifle.