Glock Lawsuit

I found this one in a Glocktalk thread last night but didn’t get to posting it. Some guy ran into trouble with his Glock 36. He sent it into Glock, they replaced a part and it was sent back. The problem continued. He sent it in again and after six months they returned it saying the gun was within specs. In the end he had to take them to small claims court where he did end up winning.

That’s a pretty pathetic way to handle your customers Glock. Just saying.

One thought on “Glock Lawsuit”

  1. Thanks for passing the word. I hope others will take my advice to put 100 rounds through a G36 before paying for it.

    Most G36’s work great, but there is clearly a higher defect rate with this model, and if you’re stuck with one – it sucks.


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