XD vs. Glock: Detail Strip

In the continuation of reporting my findings in my grand experiment I’m going to talk about detail stripping the guns. I posted my findings on detail stripping my XD a bit back so I don’t have to reiterate much there. I also did the latest episode of Truth About Guns which covered my findings throughout the entire experiment so go have a listen.

Anyways click the first link to learn what it takes to detail strip an XD. Go ahead and read it, the post will be here when you’re done. Seriously this post isn’t going anywhere. Done reading it? OK good. Let’s talk about detail stripping the Glock 30SF. To do this you’ll need the following tools:

1 x 3/32″ punch

Got that? First the slide. Once you remove the slide from the frame you need to remove the recoil spring and the barrel just as you would when detail stripping an XD. From here the steps differ greatly. On the Glock you’ll need to remove the rear slide plate. There are two things you’ll need to do here. First look at the part of the striker protruding through the cutout on the bottom of the slide. In front of it (against directions are given as if you’re holding and aiming the gun) there is a small plastic sleeve. Use the punch to push the sleeve forward. While holding pressure on the slide use your thumb to slide the rear plat off. Make sure to keep your thumb over the exposed holes because things with springs will try to pop out.

Once the plat is off remove the striker assembly and the other spring which I’m at a loss of it’s correct name as I type this. The striker assembly can be further taken down by pushing the spring back which will cause to plastic cups to fall off. To remove the extractor turn the slide upside down, ensure the second spring mentioned is removed, and push down on the firing pin safety, the extractor should fall out. There you go you’ve taken the slide down now for the frame.

The frame has three pins, a trigger pin, locking block pin, and the frame pin. Use the punch to push out all three. Once removed the slide lock lever will come right out. Remove the locking block from the frame (you may need to use the punch to wiggle it out a bit). Now you can remove the trigger which is attached to the trigger bar. Use the ejector to pull out the assembly at the back of the gun. To remove the trigger bar turn it outwards from the sear assembly and life it up a bit. Unhook it from the spring. That’s it.

Putting the Glock back together is the same steps in reverse. The only note I need to make is when inserting the slide lock lever. Once the trigger and locking block are in the gun place the locking block pin in first. Than put in the slide lock lever. The spring on the slide lock lever pushes on the locking block pin and uses that for tension. After that place the other two pins in, assembly the slide, and put the two components back together. You’re done.

Seriously it’s so much easier than the XD to field strip it’s scary. This step certainly goes to the Glock.