Mayors Against Freedoms Federal Blueprint Initial Thoughts

As mentioned yesterday I downloaded a copy of the Mayors Against Freedoms Federal Blueprint. I’ve not read through the entire thing yet since I’ve been busy but from what I’ve read so far I’ve come to a couple of conclusions.

1. The bastards are well organized and intelligent. Unlike the Brady Bunch and the Violence Promotion Center, these guys have actually done a lot of research on gun related laws. They know the laws and more importantly know the wording to make the laws look weak.

2. The paper doesn’t break down into mindless hysteria. It’s worked in such a way that they avoid the whole desire to ban guns. The paper doesn’t read anywhere of wanting a gun ban.

3. Their desires are scary. More or less they want to give the BATFE more power to investigate gun owners and gun dealers without any suspicion or probably cause.

4. They aren’t going after the guns directly. These guys are going after the dealers and gun shows where private citizens purchase their guns. Most of the recommendations I’ve read so far are means of restricting gun shows and sicking the BATFE on gun dealers without any real reason.

This paper is teaching me something, Mayors Against Freedoms is a lot more insidious than previous gun banners. They’ve spent time researching the laws and know how to word things ever so carefully as to make it look like they aren’t attacking guns. We’ll need to watch them and do everything we can to shut them down. Fortunately we have facts on our side so we can certainly win this fight.

If you know any mayors whom are in this group do everything you can to either get them out or elect somebody else. Likewise freedom of information requests for all communications they have had with the organization is a potential method of finding out what they are up to.