On Pocket Carry

Well it seems like pocket carry is the gun blog discussion of the week. As a person who has a Ruger LCP and an accompanying pocket holster I want to chime in.

In my opinion pocket carry is a good idea, if it’s the only viable option. For instance here in Minnesota it gets damned cold which usually means we wear heavy winter gear. I wear a Swiss surplus wool greatcoat. Needless to say there is almost no chance of my getting to the .45 on my hip when out and about during the winter. What I can get at is the LCP in the front pocket of my coat.

Pocket holsters are not idea in my opinion, but it beats nothing by a long shot. I still prefer my .45 nestled in its Crossbreed SuperTuck on my hip. But I’d also prefer having a 12 gauge shotgun. Practicality often trumps the best options.

4 thoughts on “On Pocket Carry”

  1. I want to add another bit to that. A pocket gun is great for a back-up. I wouldn’t use a pocket rig as a primary either, but I would be more than happy carrying an LCP or the like in my “weak”-side pocket or an ankle holster in addition to my primary pistol.

    1. In nicer weather my LCP often acts as my backup carry gun. It fights right in my pant pocket. Likewise it’s always on my weak side while the .45 goes on my strong side (Yes I can operate both guns with both hands but considering I’m right handed it will always be my strong hand).

  2. With the right coat a full sized 45 will disappear into the pocket. I’ll carry my CZ75 compact in a coat pocket at times.

    1. True but for me the right coat means warm this time of year. My wool greatcoat is heavy and mobility isn’t the greatest but man when I was sitting in the deer stand for four hours I was still warm.

      I could probably stick something bigger than my LCP into the coat pocket but since I already have the LCP to go where most guns can’t I figured I might as well use it in my coat as well.

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