Open Carry Debate Rises From the Grave

The open carry debate is something like a zombie. No matter how many times it gets put down it always managed to rise again. It reminds me of the caliber wars actually. Well Sharp as a Marble points to an article where a man was assaulted by a cop-wannabe because the wannabe saw the gun being carried openly and decided to attack instead of something that makes sense.

Either way the anti-open carry people are bringing this story up as a reason not to open carry. Likewise the other side of the spectrum brought up by Rob is this likely wouldn’t occur if more law-abiding people open carried. I think both sides are correct here.

Getting open carry accepted is a chicken or egg thing. Many people won’t open carry because it’s not acceptable by the general public. Likewise open carrying will never be acceptable by the general public until they see more of it.

Generally I conceal carry. Not because I dislike open carry, I actually have zero problem with it and think it’s a method to desensitize the public. But I like my element of surprise. But if you’re a security guard and you see a person openly carrying a gun walk upon your turf it would be best to assume innocence as that’s what this country’s legal system is based on (Unless of course your a suspected terrorist or accused of being a pedophile, then you’re guilty as sin no matter what).